Episode 207: Single Skein

Explore projects made with a single skein of yarn – they’re fun, portable, quick to finish, and the perfect answer to using your leftover stash.
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Getting Started: Kathy Elkins introduces Eunny to a variety of yardages possible in a single skein of yarn, and shows off some unique one-skein projects.
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Designer Spotlight: Join Cheryl Potter as she discusses her design work, and her inspiration for single skein projects.
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How-To: Laura Bryant and Berry Klein are back with various one skein projects that use open lace-work to make the yarn go further.
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downloadDownload Self Fringed Scarf

downloadDownload Basic Diagonal Scarf

downloadDownload Open Work Scarf

downloadDownload Striped Slique

downloadDownload Drop Stitch Wrap

You Asked It: Kathy Elkins answers a common question about fibers that individuals with allergies can use.
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You Made It: Eunny shows knitters’ versions of The Squatty Sidekick, a knitted and felted bag originally designed by Amanda Berka.
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