Episode 203: Crazy for Colorwork

Explore the world of color! From simple repeating stripes to Fair Isle and intarsia, knitting is more vibrant with two or more colors.
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Getting Started: Kathy Elkins joins Liz, introducing us to the three most common ways to knit with color.
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Designer Spotlight: Kristin Nicholas, a well-known knitwear designer known for her great use of color, demonstrates the easy duplicate stitch technique that adds a punch of color to any design.
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How-To: Shay visits with designer Annie Modesitt, who shows viewers how to make a pair of cute fingerless mitts that are also a built-in lesson on knitting with color: stripes, corrugated ribbing, and stranded diagonal knitting.
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You Asked It: Eunny answers a question on how to manage your yarns when knitting Fair Isle or intarsia.
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You Made It: Eunny checks out the many knitted versions of Laura Rintala’s White Witch Mitts and Winter Twilight Mitts that the knitting community has come up with.

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