Entrelac Knitting: One Addicting Block at a Time

One of my favorite entrelac knitting patterns—the Lady Eleanor Stole

The Fabulous Lady Eleanor Stole in the original colorway

This year, I’ve been taking a look back at some of our most popular knitting patterns at Interweave and trying to analyze WHY they’ve been so popular. Why does a project such as the Central Park Hoodie or the Koolhaas Hat excite so many knitters, consistently over time?

As I’ve been studying the popular patterns, I thought that some would make great candidates for our yarn kit program. In January, we kitted the Lucy Hat; in February, the Squall Line Shawl. And for March, I’m excited to share our new kit for the Lady Eleanor Stole.

Lady Eleanor is a wide knitted entrelac knitting pattern that was originally published in 2004, in the book Scarf Style. This wrap rates very highly on Ravelry, with 2,842 projects and 3,992 favorites. It’s easy to see why people love it—it’s a generous and cozy accessory, and entrelac knitting is just fun.

In a basic 7-stitch block with side triangles, this is a great beginner entrelac pattern, and the pattern is easily memorized after several tiers. Throw in a variegated yarn and you’ve got addictive, mindless knitting!

So let’s talk about the yarn. The original pattern called for an Aran-weight wool-silk blend (see the photo above), which has been discontinued.

Lisa knitting the Lady Eleanor entrelac knitting pattern

Lisa Shroyer works on her Lady Eleanor Stole.

As I looked at options for our kit, I settled on Wisdom Yarns Poems in the color Enchanted Forest. This yarn is a buttery soft 100% wool singles that comes in generous 109-yard balls at a great price. You need quite a bit of yarn for this project, so price was definitely a consideration for me. But most of all, the length of the color runs and the subtle transitions between colors made this yarn perfect for Lady Eleanor.

In my stole at right, you can see how the color runs fit neatly into the blocks, creating solid sections of each color while also exhibiting a harmonious transition overall. Enchanted Forest is well-balanced with a beautiful abundance of earthy neutrals.

If you want to learn more about entrelac knitting, check out our Master Class: Entrelac  Knitting Collection, and order your Lady Eleanor Stole kit today. The kit includes enough yarn for the project, and the digital edition of the book Scarf Style, which includes 31 beloved scarf knitting patterns from some of the industry’s most popular designers.

Have fun knitting the Lady Eleanor!





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