Enchanted Knits 2014

Ordinary in the Extraordinary


Sylvania Cardigan  by Gabrielle Vézina

 Honest Woodsman Pullover by Kathleen Dames


Woodcutter Socks by Rachel Coopey

Giant Slayer’s Vine Scarf by Andrea Jurgrau


Into the Magic Forest Blanket by Melanie Berg


Hansel & Gretel Socks by Rachel Coopey


Eglantine Sleeves by Lynne Vogel


White Queen Stole by Susanna IC

Maleficent’s Cloak by Vicki Square



Colubrida Wrap by Angela Hahn





Riddles with Dragons Shawl by Kate Poe

The Classics

Snowdrop Cowl by Andrea Jurgrau

Red Rose Cowl by Andrea Jurgrau

Rumpelstiltskin’s Wrap by Moira Engel

Hunger for Rampion Pullover by Jen Hagan

String of Flowers Circlet by Sarah Gomez


Taking Flight Kerchief by Jennifer Chase-Rappaport



Singeli’s Silver Slippers by Lisa Jacobs


Undine Shawlette by Andrea Jurgrau



Merlin Sweater by Anne Podlesak

Nature’s Magic

Kitsunetsuki Cardigan by Emma Welford

Among the Birches Shawl by Kate Larson

Butterfly Fairy Tank by Izumi Ouchi

Chloris Sontag by T.L. Alexandria Volk


The Entwife’s Coat by Theressa Silver



A Bit of Magic

Thumbelina’s Dress by Josie Mercier



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