Enchanted Knits 2014 Corrections





Taking Flight Kerchief (page 87)

Row 10 has the correct stitch count, but is missing an increase. Though the stitch count is correct, an increase is missing from Row 10. It should read, 

“K11, M1R, k3, s2kp2, k3, M1L, k1f&b…”

A Hunger for Rampion Pullover (page 81)

The schematic for the pullover was left out of the pattern. View Schematic Here


Hervor’s Undermittens (page 63)

The last symbol on chart key itself is correct; wording of instructions for the symbol are corrected to read: The last symbol in the key should be: sl 3 sts onto cn, hold in front, k1 with MC, p1 with CC, [k1 with MC, p1 with CC, k1 with MC] from cn. View Corrected Chart Here

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