The Editor’s Favorite: Interweave Knits Winter 2017

interweave knits

Limerick Henley by Mary Anne Benedetto

When our web producer, Jenn Rein, asked me to write about my favorite issue of the year, I shocked her when I immediately exclaimed, “WINTER!” And by that, I meant Interweave Knits Winter 2017. She was expecting me to say knit.wear Fall/Winter 2016, which is a gorgeous issue that I am very proud of, but Interweave Knits has my heart. As I’ve said many times before, winter is my favorite season; pair it with classic, sophisticated knits and I’m a goner. I could write a lengthy post about this issue—it was long in the making, but when all the pieces came together it surpassed even my greatest expectations.

interweave knits

Irina Anikeeva’s Belfast Cardigan

We had two strong and contrasting editorial themes for Knits Winter 2017: Winter Bride (which I wrote about a few weeks ago here) and Whiskey & Wool, which influenced the entire issue. This dark, moody story began with menswear. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to show more than the usual amount of menswear typically featured in a knitwear publication; so much so that I based an entire issue around that intent.

As a knitwear designer, I always enjoy the challenge of designing menswear—it has to be restrained, thoughtful, tailored, sophisticated, and comfortable. So I put the challenge out to our designers to make something every man would want to wear.

The five menswear designs in the issue meet all my criteria. Each one has a technique challenge or enough detail to make it interesting to knit, but each could be mistaken for a classic Ralph Lauren, Izod, or J.Crew sweater—win. I love all the menswear designs in the issue—I frequently wear Irina Anikeeva’s Belfast Cardigan around the office—but there is one design in particular that I fancy; the Limerick Henley by Mary Anne Benedetto. I am totally smitten with its subtle and varying textures, clever construction, and most of all, it’s everyday wearability. Dress up the Limerick Henley with a shirt and tie underneath or throw it on for the weekend; either way, it’s perfect for most settings, including a business casual office.

I don’t know when I’ll get to make this handsome sweater, but hopefully several of you out there will be equally smitten and pick up your needles. Here’s to smart menswear for smart men (and women).


Editor, Interweave Knits and knit.wear

interweave knits

L: The Donegal Sweater by Moira Engel                                  R: The Dublin Pullover by Varian Brandon

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