Easy Knitting Patterns for Knitting in Public

This weekend marks the kick-off for World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Week. Originally, this event started as a single day, for knitters (and crocheters!) everywhere to get out of the house, soak up some summer sun (or attempt to enjoy a wintery day, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere), and spread the love of playing with yarn. Over the years, it's evolved into a week-long event with festivities taking place around the globe—the WWKIP site has listings for events all around the world, so hopefully there's one near you!

But what to knit while you're out and about? Are you going to be outside in a park? In a cozy café with your favorite knitters? Pattern selection for knitting in public is key, and I've got some easy knitting patterns for you to choose from, if you don't have a project on the needles already.

When I'm knitting in public with my knitting group, I find that the easy knitting patterns are the ones that don't require a lot of concentration, for the most part. I'm currently knitting myself a Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood, and I'm at the part where I knit in garter stitch forever and decrease on the right-side rows. For me, this would make a good project for knitting in public.

If I didn't already have a work in progress, I might consider casting on for one of these garter stitch patterns from knitscene Summer 2011.

Amy Polcyn's Embassy Scarf is knit on both sides with dropped stitches. Once you've got the pattern repeat memorized, this becomes one of the easiest knitting patterns on the planet. Seriously.

Our featured designer for Summer, Amy Christoffers, has this fantastic Strafford Tee that's knit in the round to the armhole divide. Knitting in the round for a while? Perfect knitting for sitting outside or in a busy café watching people wander by.

Over the years, knitscene has published oodles of easy knitting patterns. Last year, we even published knitscene Easy, full of patterns that are perfect for beginner knitters and advanced knitters looking to rest their tired knitting brains. With the digital edition, you could take that issue to your WWKIP meetups on your digital device! And while you're out and about, why not take along this handy How to Knit handbook, so you can draft others into the cult of craft?

However you're celebrating WWKIP week, be sure to have fun and enjoy the process of crafting, wherever you may be. And if you're out in the sun, wear sunblock. Always a good tip.

Happy knitting,

PS – Can't wait for more knitting goodness? We just wrapped our knitscene Fall 2011 issue. Look for the preview in a couple of weeks!

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