Quick and Easy Dorm Room Knits

It seems like only yesterday that I was moving into my dorm room at college. As excited as I was, I was also terrified. It was the first time I had a space of my own away from my family, and the stark cinder-block dorm room hardly felt like home. While I eventually made the space my own, I think some of these dorm woes could have been avoided with a little pre-move knitting.

If you or someone you love is preparing for the big jump into dorm living this fall, start your needles now and whip up some dorm room knits from Quick + Easy Knits. Within this special-edition magazine you’ll find a number of fun and fast patterns perfect for campus living. Here are just a few of those patterns that would make the best dorm room knits!

A cuddly throw blanket

One of the downfalls of dorm life is having little to no control over the temperature of the shared living space. Fight the chills by having a few cozy throw blankets handy. Both the Playful Stripes Blanket and Textured Stripes Blanket are simple to knit, so they’ll be ready for the start of the school year.

Helpful storage solutions

Dorm rooms are small, which means clever storage solutions are a must. Instead of packing things into those ugly plastic milk crates everyone gets, be unique and whip up a couple of the Simply Knit Baskets . Knit them in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures for a more homey looking way to stash your stuff!

A cozy place to study

Create a comfy little study haven with the Chunky Knit Pouf. This oversized floor cushion would make the perfect place to plop down and hit the books or take a load off in between classes.

Some stellar accent pillows

Bedding color is often the biggest choice students have when it comes to customizing a dorm room. Make a basic dorm bed-in-a-bag set into a custom bedding set by adding the Textured Throw Pillow and/or the Diagonal Stripes Pillows. Knit them in a similar color for added texture or in a contrasting hue for an extra pop.

And some cute decorations

Last but definitely not least is decorations. Knitted décor like the Star Garland and Cabled Wall Hanging will soften the brick or cinder-block walls often found in dorms and make the space feel like home.

Starting college can be hard, but with some cozy dorm room knits from Quick + Easy Knits, transforming a dorm into a home will be anything but!

Happy dorm room knitting!

Find the perfect dorm room knit with Quick + Easy Knits.!


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