Early Sneak Peek: Knitscene Fall 2009

Note from Sandi: It's almost that time of year again–Knitscene time! Twice a year, we get to delight in the pages of a knitting magazine unlike any other–in the words of its editor, Lisa Shroyer: simple, stylish, spirited. Some wonderful and unexpected designs come out of this magazine, and so I am delighted to have Editor Lisa here to give us the inside scoop on what's ahead for us in the upcoming Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene...This is an exclusive sneak peek for our wonderful Knitting Daily readers, as the actual preview won't be released until the week of July 21st. So heeeeeeerrrrrrree's Lisa–enjoy!


Working on Knitscene is a peculiar experience for me. Most of the year I’m a back-room editor—crunching numbers on patterns, managing shot lists at photoshoots… Important work for sure, but not sexy. Then twice a year, this little magazine floats into my world and I get to play Editor with a big E. Play may be the wrong verb—it’s a lot of work—but it’s also a lot of fun.

As an editor grounded in knitting patterns, what’s my vision for this magazine?
–    The projects have to be about knitting more than anything else.
–    They need to be alluring and fun to make.
–    They need to celebrate yarn.
–    They need to be simple in construction but effective as fashion.

There are some designs in this issue that hit these points exceedingly—check out the Hollywood Herringbone Pullover by Kate Gagnon. It’s a cute, wearable project, worked in a sumptuous worsted-weight. Knitting the mosaic front piece is easy—instead of fussing with stranded colorwork in rows, Kate has chosen a slip-stitch two-color pattern that creates the look of Fair Isle. I love this sweater, from a stylistic and technical standpoint.

The Flourish Vest by Katya Wilsher is a tunic-length V-neck vest which will flatter lots of women, and the undulating cables are so much fun to work. Mixing up charts of differently-sized repeats is all it takes. In a true Aran weight, the knitting is quick.

Also in the Contemporary Cables section, we have two reversible scarves. So many knitters love cabled scarves, but detest the one-sided look. Try mixing knits and purls in a cable pattern to get a dual-sided effect!

All of these designers have worked hard to create projects that make sense technically, that are simple and fun to make, and that hit that sweet spot of chic and not-too-trendy. I hope you enjoy. 

Also in this issue:
– Melissa Wehrle reinvents the boyfriend sweater
– Funky-construction wool yarns for rockstar looks
– How To: Read Lace Charts
– How To: Count rows between crosses in a cable
– Cowichan cool—the history of the trend and how to wear it

Look for the Knitscene online preview the week of July 21st; meanwhile, you can pre-order your copy now!

— Lisa Shroyer


Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

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