What’s Your Dream Knitting Nook?

When I moved recently from a small studio apartment to a cute little house, I gained real hardwood floors, charming arched doorways, and (to the delight of my out-of-state friends and family) a spare bedroom. My parents gently suggested I should get a spare bed for “when company visits,” but I’ve got other plans for this extra bit of space —my dream knitting nook.

My plans got a big boost from my coworker and friend Sara Dudek. A few weekends ago, she invited me over to her home for a Sunday crafting session. I’d never been to her house before and was taken with her effortlessly cool, eclectic, genuine, and serene décor. If you’re lucky enough to know Sara, you would recognize instantly that her home is an extension of herself, and that is particularly true of her sweet fiber studio.

Sara’s envy-inducing studio

Just off her living area, French doors open into a pleasing array of colors. From the rug, to the spectrum arrangement of yarn, to the sketches pinned to a corkboard, to the wall hangings and artwork from her world travels, this room’s décor invites inspiration and creativity. It also invited jealousy, which has been the catalyst for my own studio space (a.k.a. the room with all the unopened boxes).

Since that day, I’ve been casually searching Pinterest for decorating ideas and IKEA’s website for the right shelves and desk.

Yarn Nook Dreaming

Studio accessorizing has been fun too: I’ve been popping into every secondhand and vintage shop I pass. My favorite store thus far has been Sundog Colorado in Buena Vista, Colorado. If you’re into vintage and unique southwestern clothing, décor, art, and jewelry, this is the store for you. I did some serious damage to my checking account there.

My dream knitting studio includes a comfy chair and lots of cube bookcases for…

Needles and Notions
WIPs Stuffed in Pretty Project Bags

This studio project will take a while and may only get finished just before I move out of my little house, but planning an ideal crafting spot is sometimes better than having the real thing.

What does your dream knitting nook look like, and is it real or still in the world of imagination? I want to know—I need more ideas!

Happy dreaming and knitting,
Meghan Babin

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  1. Myriam G at 9:24 am November 29, 2017

    Wow, I’ve been dreaming of it, too: the perfect craft room…
    It would have huge windows overlooking the backyard, and huge cupboards with glass doors, where my yarn would stay visible, but out of the dust. There would be shelves at practical height for needles, notions, books and magazine. I’d need a desk, with a laptop for all my ravelry needs, but also lots of space for drawing sketches and inventing new colourwork patterns on graph paper. For comfort, a thick yoga mat on the floor for summer, and a nice square platform about a foot off the floor for winter – I prefer to sit cross-legged, so no chair for me. For entertainment, back to the laptop for podcasts and my various playlists (from Almighty Bob Marley to soaring progressive rock and soothing classical) and maybe even a TV with Netflix capacity.

    My best knitting spot in my house is the front balcony, over looking the street. It can be really nice – it has lots of plants – but not right now that it is below freezing point. So, thank you for the opportunity to dream of that perfect knitting room.
    Some day…

  2. Cindy C at 9:28 am November 29, 2017

    Several comfy chairs, both to invite friends to join me and so I have a choice of having my feet up, sitting up straight, or whatever suits me at any particular moment. A place to display yarn, of course, but also clever & attractive storage for needles, markers, cable needles, etc. A place to lay out (and then put away) blocking mats. And very good light throughout!

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