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There are some pom-pom–making machines out there that are pretty fabulous and make great pom-poms. However, if you don’t have a pom-pom maker and you want to whip up a bunch of poms for upcoming holiday gift projects, this is a great low-budget technique.

Pom-poms are a great addition to a cute hat, blanket, or shawl, and are easily removable if you change your mind!

What you’ll need:

• Project yarn(s)
• Two cardboard tubes (from toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
• Scissors

diy pom-poms

Step 1. Hold end of yarn between rolls.

Step 2. Wrap yarn around the rolls until you reach the desired thickness.

Step 3. Wrap one end of the yarn around the middle part of the yarn in between the cardboard rolls. Tighten as much as possible.

Step 4. Tighten the yarn wrapped around the middle and slide the yarn off the rolls. Tie the knot
as tightly as possible.

Step 5. Cut the strands in half all the way around.

Step 6. Continue cutting the pom-pom to shape it into the perfect size and shape for your project.

Step 7. Thread the long strings between stitches at the point of attachment.

Step 8. Turn the project inside out, tie the strings tightly (without breaking the yarn), and snip!

Voila! That’s all there is to it!

Check out this DIY pom-pom tutorial in video form our Interweave Yarn Hack series. If you need to make several pom-poms, look at this time-saving Yarn Hack on how to make lots at once! If you do have a pom-pom maker and want to get fancy with it, we have a tutorial for that, too! You may have noticed we enjoy making pom-poms around here.

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Happy pom-pomming!

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