Dishcloths: From Basic to Beautiful

Kathleen's handknit washcloths.
These are probably 10 years old, and I still use them almost every day.

The knitted dishcloth is a classic. It's sort of a knitter's right of passage; we've all knit at least one, and most of us have a drawer full! Not to mention that knitting dishcloths is a great way to learn how to knit.

I've knit just a couple of dishcloths, and I used the old stand-by pattern, Granny's Favorite Dishcloth, shown at right.

I think part of the reason I haven't knit more dishcloths is that I became bored with the pattern. The other part of the reason is that cotton is hard on my hands, and I thought most dishcloths are knit from cotton.

Little did I know that both of these problems aren't really problems. I learned just recently that dishcloths can be made from blends. A friend gave me a one that was made from a wool-cotton blend, and it works just great.

And then I found out about the new video workshop, Ten Knitted Dishcloths, with Joanna Johnson, and her bounty of beautiful dishcloth patterns.Check out the variety of dishcloths Joanna will teach you to knit:

What a beautiful variety of dishcloths! I love the colorful zigzag cloth and the lace patterns, too. And that scrubber is fantastic; it's made with a stainless steel yarn!

Sorry about the grainy photo—it's a screen shot from the video. But still, what a great collection of dishcloths! If the photo isn't inspiration enough, Joanna gives us ten reasons to knit dishcloths!

10 Great Reasons to Knit Dishcloths

1. To enjoy the beauty of an everyday item.

2. Each dishcloth is about the size of the swatch, but when you're done knitting, you have a useable object!

3. Dishcloths are an easy way to expand your knitting horizons with new patterns and techniques.

4. Dishcloths are a great way to try out a new fiber; linen is wonderful to use for these projects.

5. You can also combine fibers, such as using a stainless steel yarn to make a dish scrubber.

6. You'll learn new-to-you cast-ons and bind-offs!

7. If you like experimenting with new shapes in knitting, dishcloths are a great project for you.

8. You can explore color theory, with stripes, mosaic knitting, and so on.

9. Try something new, such as a crochet edging or a zigzag lace pattern.

10. Dishcloths make excellent gifts!

Joanna uses her top ten list in her workshop, plus much more! Get your DVD or download of Ten Knitted Dishcloths with Joanna Johnson today and start knitting dishcloths!


P.S. What's your knitted dishcloth story? Share it with us in the comments.

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