Designing Knitted Lace

Lace knitting can run the gamut from simple yarnovers to complex patterns that would make a spider dizzy. In LaceKnits we featured some of each. Two that I’d definitely put on my list of aspirational knitting are the Clematis Tunic and learning to design with lace.

Clematis Tunic by Heather Zoppetti

Climbing Lace

The Clematis Tunic pattern from Heather Zoppetti is more clever than difficult, but it will give me some practice reading charts! As the leaf lace creeps up the vest from back to front, the waist shaping is tucked into the pattern without interruption. Heather wrote about designing and knitting the vest on her blog, Digital Nabi.

Designing with Lace

Margaret Stove is an expert in all things lace, from creating the yarn to designing original patterns and motifs to knitting beautiful pieces. I was lucky to work with Margaret on her 2010 book, Wrapped in Lace, so when we first imagined LaceKnits Margaret was at the top of my wish list of contributors.

Margaret Stove's lace swatch.

Being in New Zealand, Margaret can’t exactly drop swatches for her articles off at the front desk in our Loveland offices (which some of our authors do!). I offered to knit the swatches to accompany her article, and . . . reader, I goofed.

Lesson learned: Knitting lace is not a task to be tackled late in the evening!

(Unfortunately, while it does seem like digital stuff should be instantly correctable, it's difficult to change an issue once it's been posted to the iTunes store. If we can we'll correct this in the app; until then, we'll post it on our eMag corrections page.)

Here’s to better lace knitting through coffee!


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