Demystifying Knitting Charts

See how the chart resembles the sleeve motif? Imagine how many lines of instructions it would
take to write out the pattern for that motif!
Charts are wonderful!

Are you mystified by knitting charts? They can be intimidating, I'll admit it.

If you've ever found yourself avoiding a pattern because it has a chart, we have just the thing for you! It's a web seminar that demystifies knitting charts: Learn to Read Knitting Charts!

Let by knitwear designer and author Simona Merchant-Dest, this seminar will help you become friends with charts; you'll learn that knitting charts can actually make knitting easier.

Charts are necessary when knitting lace, cables, or colorwork. These sometimes complex techniques are much better represented in a chart than in line after line of written-out knitting instructions.

Simona will help you understand what charts represent and how to follow them accurately and easily. You'll learn:

  • What a chart is, what it represents, and how it is different than written instructions.
  • How to read and translate the most common chart symbols for knitted lace, texture, and cable stitch patterns.
  • How to read charts for various knitted colorwork
  • The difference between reading stitch pattern charts versus color charts
  • How to understand and read charts for both flat and circular knitting
  • Special symbols used with knitting charts
  • How to follow charts correctly based on the size of your knitted piece
  • Helpful tips and tricks for working with charts

Learning to read charts is important. If you want to knit lace shawls, Aran sweaters, or beautiful Fair Isle projects, you'll need to know how to navigate a chart.

Understanding charts will improve your knitting, too. You'll become confident in understanding of how your project is worked and how it can simplify complicated instructions.

Register today for Learn to Read Knitting Charts with Simona Merchant-Dest! The live web seminar will take place on Friday, September 27 at 1 p.m. EDT.

See you there!


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