Delicious Garter Stitch

I consider myself to be a fairly experienced knitter. I have all kinds of skillz, from intarsia to cables to fussy buttonholes. I eat lace for breakfast. Stranded colorwork? Bring it. At this point in my knitting life, I figure I can knit just about anything. However, my favorite comfort knitting, both as process and FO, has to be garter stitch. Knitting in garter is so calming and even, no thinking required. Some days I'm just not in the mood to keep track of 3 different charts and count stitches by 7s. Sometimes I just want to knit for the sake of knitting and not do anything fancy. For these days, there is garter stitch. I also find garter comforting as a fabric; there's something soothing about the squishiness that makes me feel relaxed. Confession: On days I have to face some particular challenge, be it a meeting at work or a long flight from home, I wear a shawl as a kind of secret blankie, a little extra armor for the soul. It may not be the most advanced stitch, but garter has its time and place.

Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn's Beyond Basic Garter Stitch covers a wide range of uses for garter stitch, and includes a pattern for the Oscilloscope Shawl shown above. For today only, DVDs are 2 for $20–check out this video and the rest of the Interweave library!


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