Decorate with Knitted Holiday Ornaments

Even though it's just Halloween, I'm already dreaming of the holidays—my favorite time of the year.

I have a really beautiful collection of glass holiday ornaments that look just lovely on the Christmas tree. They sparkle and glimmer when the light hits them.

I usually get a couple of new ornaments as gifts each year—last year my mom gave me the most hilarious one: a hamburger. It's beautifully crafted, though, and I hung it proudly on my tree. Maybe this year I'll get some fries.

I have a couple of small trees, too. (I know, a little overboard on the trees!) This year I'm tgoing to make some knitted ornaments to put on one tree, along with a twisted cord garland. I think I can bang out several ornaments at my knitting group the next few Sundays. We'll see … my Central Park Hoodie is mocking me from my knitting bag!

Want to knit some ornaments along with me? Here are some ideas:

Swatch Ornaments

Dig out your swatch box and put project swatches to good use making ornaments. Thin, drapey swatches will give the smoothest effect.

Materials: Glass or plastic ball ornament; knitted swatch (height and width similar to or slightly smaller than ornament circumference; exact dimensions are not critical, swatch will stretch to fit.); strong sewing thread, needle; ribbon (optional)

Directions: With right sides facing, sew two short ends of the swatch together to make a tube. Turn right side out. With a doubled length of thread, make a running stitch line along the bottom edge of the swatch.

From inside the tube, draw the thread tight and gather the bottom of the swatch into a tightly closed circle. Fasten off the thread. Pop the ball ornament into the swatch bag.

With a doubled length of thread, make a running stitch along the top edge of the swatch. Draw the top opening tightly closed, stretching the fabric slightly if necessary. Fasten off the thread. (Optional) Attach a ribbon for hanging.

More Free Ornament Patterns!



Use up odds and ends in your stash! Cabled Globes will add texture to your tree.    Try knitting this pretty Snowflake Ornament in a sparkly, white yarn.   Make these cute poinsettias in all kinds of colors! Be creative with your color scheme.

And don't forget about the Knitted Star pattern that we posted in the Inside Knits blog. It's so cute. I need a tree skirt for one of my little trees, and I'm thinking about making four or five of the midsized Knitted Stars and sewing them together point-to-point to make a cool tree skirt.

If you want to make a yarn garland, here's how:

Twisted CordTwisted Cord

Cut several lengths of yarn about five times the desired finished cord length. Fold the strands in half to form two equal groups. Anchor the strands at the fold by looping them over a doorknob. Holding one group in each hand, twist each group tightly in a clockwise direction until they begin to kink.

Put both groups in one hand and then release them, allowing them to twist around each other counterclockwise. Smooth out the twists so that they are uniform along the length of the cord. Knot the ends


Have fun with all of these ornament ideas!




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