Deck the House with Knits

I made one of these little cross-stitch name tags for each family member's stocking. I love saying hello to them every holiday season!

I love Christmas, and I decorate like crazy. From my three trees to my Christmas village, there's something festive in every room. I even have a garland of food ornaments that I hang in the kitchen; it's my second favorite holiday decoration.

My favorite is our display of candles on the mantle. I have twenty or so candles that I arrange on my mantle every year. I use a combination of short and tall pillar candles, tree-shaped candles, and snowman candles. I put them on glass and crystal candle holders of different heights, and add lights, little flocked pine cones, and my Fitz & Floyd reindeer. Most of the candles are glittered, so they look really beautiful with lights intertwined. So much fun to put up every year! I really look forward to it.

The other items I love seeing each year are my cross-stitched stocking labels. Each person has one, with a Christmas symbol and his or her name. My gramma's is pictured at left. She passed away last year, but I think I'll still put a stocking out for her. She loved chocolate, so I'll leave a little piece in her stocking on Christmas Eve.

We still have plenty of time to knit some really lovely holiday decorations, and I'm here to recommend my favorites.


Angel à Pois by Lucinda Guy

This darling little angel will bless your tree year after year.

Angel à Pois means "with spots" in French. So, polka dotted angel it is!

I love her red dress and wings, but she would be cute in any color. White sparkly wings would be fantastic!

This little angel is knit in traditional Shetland wool, so you can choose just about any color that you wish.

Yule Trees by AnneLena Mattison

I know I have several colors of green wool in my stash, so as soon as I find it (I just moved!), I'm going to cast on one or more of these trees.

I think I'll add some glitz though—have you met me?!

Maybe some super sparkly beads, or a thin metallic yarn held with the green. I love how felting looks when a little novelty yarn is included. These could be a beautiful addition to my mantle.

Dalahäst Stocking by Amanda Scheuzger

The dalahäst is a traditional Swedish toy. Craftspeople whittle these little horses and hand paint them. They're so festive.

This dalahäst stocking is fairly quick to knit because the leg and foot are all one color. The stranded cuff uses just three colors, so it's not too complicated, either.

You could even knit just the cuffs and add them to ready-make stockings!

Pinecone Ornament by Jesie Ostermiller

These pinecone shaped two-color ornaments are  knit in the round and stuffed.

They're perfect little nuggets! Knit several to stud your tree with knitted cheer.

Fir Cone Sachet by Alasdair Post-Quin

What the designer calls a sachet, I call an ornament. Add a little loop to a corner, and you've got a beautiful holiday decoration.

Alasdair includes double-knitting instructions in the pattern, so you'll learn a new technique, too.

I hope you'll knit one or more of these holiday decor patterns this year. You'll be so happy to see your handmade decorations year after year, just like I am. And if you're looking for more holiday ideas, check out our FREE eBook for 7 holiday knitting patterns!


P.S. What are your holiday decor plans this year? Do you have a favorite decoration you put out each year? Leave a comment and share your plans and your favorites!

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