Deb’s Valentine: Cat Project, Please

Our editors want to share the love this week in the name of St. Valentine. Here’s Deb Gerish, editor of Love of Knitting, to tell us exactly where her heart lies. Hint: it has something to do with kitty.

I love cats, so much that I’m happy being called a crazy cat lady. There, I said it. Sometimes it’s better not to live in denial.

I’m also a crazy yarn/fiber/textiles lady, devoting fully half my house to a studio and storage area for all my supplies. People often ask me how my cats and my yarn-based hobbies can coexist, since we all know how much kitties love yarn. Do they tangle up the yarn while I’m knitting? (Not often.) Do they bat at the needles? (No, because I use circulars.) Do they enjoy sleeping on sweaters during the blocking project? (Yes, unfortunately.) Do I like to knit cat sweaters? (No, because my cat-craziness hasn’t overwhelmed my survival instincts.) Do I like to knit cat-related projects? (ABSOLUTELY.)

In fact, my queue always has more than one cat project in it:

Cat’s Eye Tam, from knitscene Summer 2011

A hat that combines lace AND stranded colorwork! The Cat’s Eye lace pattern is a personal fave, and then there’s that band of Fair Isle colors just above the brim. I can make a hat that coordinates with one of my Fair Isle masterpieces, and it will use up leftover yarn at the same time. Wins all around!

CATalina Shawl, from knitscene Summer 2016

I’m pretty sure the name “Catalina” doesn’t mean “pure” but instead refers to cats. Even if I’m stretching a point, though, this pattern makes a stunning shawl with an allover lace pattern.

cat project

Cat’s Pajamas Jammy Keeper, from Knit & Crochet Toys 2017

This one’s a twofer: I love the pattern AND I love the magazine! If you’re not a cat person, there are plenty of other animal toys to love: platypus, jackalope, tiger, bears, chicken, rats, bunny, hippopotamus, sea star, seal. This Jammy Keeper stole my heart when I first saw the designer’s sketch—it’s adorable, huggable, and practical, with room for adult-sized jammies inside its pocket.

Cat Project? Yes!