Deborah Gerish

gerish_2015_headshotDeborah Gerish edits Love of Knitting and several special issues, such as Jane Austen Knits and Knitting Traditions. She’s worked at Interweave since January 2015, after 15 years as a history professor, 7+ years of grad school (when she learned to appreciate the Animal House line: “Seven years of college down the drain!”), and 5 years at W. W. Norton in New York. When she taught, students got to hear all about textile history; now that she edits, coworkers get to hear all about history history.

Deb knits, spins, dyes, sews, and weaves. She likes to balance simple knitting projects that she can churn out while watching British television with complex stuff like stranded colorwork and lace, created with audiobook accompaniment.

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