Muy Caliente: The Day of the Dead Knit Cowl!

The sugar skull is featured in our Day of the Dead knit cowl pattern

The sugar scull, a symbol of the Day of the Dead celebration

Tanis Gray’s Day of the Dead knit cowl pattern debuted in Love of Knitting Fall 2016, and it’s been super popular. It’s so eye-catching and fun!

I got to thinking about the Day of the Dead holiday, and I realized I knew next to nothing about it. So I hopped around on the Internet and did some research. Turns out the Day of the Dead has been celebrated for 4000 years! It started with the Aztecs, as a festival to honor the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the queen of the underworld. The Day of the Dead was celebrated widely in Central and Southern Mexico, and over the years it has spread throughout the country and the world.

The modern Day of the Dead takes place on November 1 and 2; on the first day, it is said that the gates of Heaven open and spirits of dead children return to spend 24 hours with their families. On day two, adult spirits return to their loved ones. People set up altars in their homes to welcome the spirits, setting out things they think the spirits will enjoy. Common altar items include favorite foods, candy, flowers (marigolds are traditional), and other things specific to the family’s loved ones.

One of the universal altar items is the sugar skull, or calavera, which represents the departed spirits. They’re made individually by artisans or produced en masse in molds. It’s this symbol that graces the our Day of the Dead Knit Cowl. As you can see from the photo above, sugar sculls are pretty amazing.

Here’s our homage to this holiday, the Day of the Dead Knit Cowl:

Check out the color possibilities in our Day of the Dead knit cowl project!

Day of the Dead Cowl. Get the kit!

We’ve kitted this knit cowl up in two colorways, one with a charcoal background and one with a white background. The second color is a self-striping yarn, which does the colorwork yarn changes for you. It’s so fun to watch the pattern emerge as you simply knit with two balls of yarn. Love it.

Get your Day of the Dead Cowl Kit today and start knitting—you could have it done in time for the holiday!





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