Darn socks! (Really. Do it.)

Make Socks and Mend

We had our first snowfall last week, which had me pawing though my sock drawer for a cozy pair. There were fewer socks than I remembered in the drawer—but more than I remembered in my mending bag! So I found a yarn needle and practiced my sock darning techniques.

Over the years I've developed a nice collection of handknitted socks, but when you wear a pair every chilly Colorado day, they get a little threadbare… literally. Like most sock knitters, I prefer knitting socks to darning socks, but I'm not ready to let go a beloved pair of socks for a few thin spots, either.

Strictly speaking, most of what I do is reinforcing rather than darning, because I try to intervene before an actual hole develops. By threading some waste yarn on a tapestry needle and working duplicate stitch over the thin spots, I can breathe new life into a pair that might otherwise be headed for the rag pile. When I don't catch it in time, though, it's time to pull out the traditional woven darning technique. 

Back in Fall 2011, Eunny Jang showed Sockupied readers two methods for mending socks: darning and reweaving. This week we released the video tutorials for download in the Knitting Daily shop: Darning Methods to Save Your Socks. So if your favorite handknitted socks have developed a few thin spots, fear not—just a few little stitches can give your solemates new life. 

Here's my small collection of socks darned this week, eight in total. How far will you go to save your socks?

Happy knitting (and mending)!

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