Fiber Factor to the Foot Factor: Cute Animal Socks from Lauren Rikel

You may recognize the smiley face of Lauren Rikel as the winner of the first ever knitting reality competition “The Fiber Factor”.  You may also have seen her as a guest on Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell episode 1307 ‘Boy Meets Girl’. From the Fiber Factor to the foot factor, Lauren’s latest collection of adorable animal socks is exciting knitters everywhere, happy to find a DIY way in to this popular trend.

Meet Lauren Rikel

Lauren Rikel learned to knit from her stepmother when she was 9, and started designing patterns when she was in college, “I had the hardest time finding knitting patterns that I wanted to knit and wear. I wanted to knit a fabulous new sweater that people would ask where I got, a sassy new dress for the next time I went out with my girlfriends, a sparkly knitted bikini because you know, that sounded fun!”

Amidst her frustration with what was out there she started plotting out her own designs, which she now sells through her Girly Knits brand on her own website and Ravelry. As a professional fashion designer in New York City specializing in junior girls fashion, Lauren is well ahead of the trends, and spied her opportunity to start designing these amazing animal socks  for knitters who don’t want to simply buy the ready made versions.

Her Girly Knits brand is all about fun, fashion, color, humor, and bringing out your girly cuteness–which these animal sock patterns certainly do!

Animal Socks for the Whole Family

There are six animal socks to choose from in the collection–a Cat, an Owl, a Panda, a Fox, a Koala and a Pig – some knee-high, some ankle length and each sock pattern features a cute and clever message on the heel, including “Meow”, “Hoot!” and “Oink”, as well as a pair of sweet little animal ears that poke out from the top of the sock. Sizes are included from three years to adult so the whole family can be in on the fun and no one will be left without a pair. The socks are knit from the toe up with the option of adding a contrast toe and heel for extra style.

For each pattern the face and heel are given as color charts to be applied by duplicate stitch after the sock is finished. And, there’s also a blank template so you can design your own animal socks. There are two ear options, round and pointed, so as long as your knitted animal design has rounded or pointed ears it will work.

Imagine the possibilities…


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