Customizing the Elevé Pullover

Eleve Pullover

Elevé Pullover

I really love Sarah Hurwitz’s Elevé Pullover from Knitscene Summer 2015—the short, cropped silhouette with bold geometric shapes is on trend, and pairing it with Rowan Wool Cotton makes it a great summer layering piece. But for some of us, cropped sweaters take a certain amount of flair to pull off. Or in my case, I’m constantly looking to add length to sweaters, not make them shorter, so I have no idea how I’d feel about wearing a cropped sweater!

To that end, I asked Sarah to write up some notes on ways a knitter could extend the length of the sweater that didn’t amount to just working plain stockinette under the gorgeous combination of intarsia and stranded colorwork. That would be the easiest fix, obviously, but you’d have some gauge differences between the stranded colorwork sections and the single strand of yarn in the stockinette section. So here’s Sarah with some ideas on how to lengthen Elevé! (All of the sketches are mine! Don’t judge Sarah’s drawing skills by my feeble attempts.)

I am so excited for you to meet the Elevé Pullover! This is my take on an updated Cosby sweater. Its bold geometric motif is balanced with a minimal black and white saddle-shouldered sleeve. It very much fits my style of brights and shapes paired with minimalism. But this top can be adjusted for so many different tastes.

Bsketch1-2I decided to design this sweater slightly cropped so that it would carry through a summery style. I love wearing cropped sweaters over racerback tank tops when the weather warms up. I can picture the Elevé Pullover paired with high waisted shorts or worn over a solid-colored maxi dress for evenings on the boardwalk. But this top can easily be adjusted for more coverage! You can add length with a simple modification which can suit a more modest look or even convert this into a winter sweater.

The body is worked straight to the armholes so adding length requires no extra shaping. Just cast on the same number of stitches and work through the ribbing. If you’re interested in making a longer sweater, you have a few choices to really customize the look. First, and most simply, you can just knit straight in one of the colors of Rowan Wool Cotton—Inky, Cloudy, or Sea—for as long as you’d like. That might leave you with a big colorblock so your next option is to repeat the Small Triangles chart after the ribbing. (If you want to get totally crazy, you can work that chart with the colors reversed so you have the inverse! You might want to grab some graph paper and chart it out!)

5.rightdiagAnd finally, what I might do is work the Right Diagonals chart for as many inches as you’d like to add. That way, you’ve got the same pattern at the shoulders down and the waist. It would be really fun to try the sweater this way! I can really see it pulling the motif together even more! (Hmmm! Maybe I’ve got something new to try!) For all of these additions, be sure to pick up an extra skein of each color you intend to use!

Of course, beyond the length, the look of this knitted pullover is endlessly customizable. You can use additional colors for the plain stripes instead of Inky, you can use different colors for each of the charts, or you can make the sleeves and ribbing in a color that is completely different from the colorwork! There are so many options and I can’t wait to see how other knitters interpret this design. Go crazy!

How would you customize your own Elevé Pullover? Or what are your thoughts on these trendy cropped sweaters? Leave a comment below and let me know! And be sure to grab your own copy of Knitscene Summer 2015!

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