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KWL Pullover from Knit Wear Love by Amy Herzog

I talked about knitting next step sweaters a couple of weeks ago, but for anyone who’s a sweater-knitting aficionado… we have different concerns. Raglans and seamless yoke sweaters, while incredibly excellent beginner knitting patterns for sweaters, don’t allow for a lot of customization in terms of fit or knitting measurements. They’re generally intended to be looser and slouchier and cozier than a more fitted sweater. So once you’ve mastered the basics of seamless sweater knitting, how do you take your sweater-knitting skills to the next level?

The easiest answer is “pick a fitted sweater pattern you like and practice.” There’s a plethora of sweater knitting patterns in the world, and the only way to develop skills is to practice them, but let’s face it—most of us want to knit and wear the sweater, not knit, and knit, and re-knit, and tinker with a sweater (some of us do, and I salute you). We want a sweater that we’ve knit, by hand, and will wear until the end of time, and we want it now. Or whenever the weather is appropriate for sweaters.

That’s where Amy Herzog’s new book, Knit Wear Love comes in. As a follow-up to her incredible Knit to Flatter, Amy built upon the idea of customizing sweaters to fit not only your body, but also your wardrobe.
Knit Wear Love is organized in two ways, first by garment type, and then by personal style. If you, like me, tend to go with “whatever’s clean” as a style—it’s legit!—there are exercises to help you define your personal style and help mesh with Amy’s general styles. Amy has what she calls 8 “meta patterns”—pullover, cardigan, vest, cowl (-neck pullovers—this book contains only garment patterns), tunic, wrap, tank, and bolero. The style types include casual, vintage, sporty, bohemian, modern, romantic, classic, and avant-garde. Whew!
Looking at the gorgeous mood boards for each style, I’d say I run the gamut from classic to modern to casual to sporty—so even if I only wanted to look at patterns from those categories, I have a lot of options! Amy designed three patterns for each garment type, and rotated through her 8 style types to create 24 brand new knitting patterns for the book.


Sporty Moodboard

Modern Moodboard

Classic and Avant-Garde Moodboards

Moodboard images used with permission, from Knit Wear Love By Amy Herzog
Published by Abrams Books | STC Craft
Photography by: Karen Pearson

At its heart, Knit Wear Love is about helping sweater knitters really understand their sweater knitting drive and to knit sweaters that they will wear—and not just let accumulate in their closet, unworn. For instance, I know that I just don’t tend to wear cardigans that I knit—there are so many amazing cardigans out there but, for many weird-unto-me reasons, nine times out of ten, I will pass over my cardigans in favor of any number of pullovers I’ve knit. These are things we can learn about ourselves as knitters and also wearers of clothes (basically, disregard this entire message if you don’t wear clothes). Most of us have to learn through trial and error, but with Knit Wear Love, Amy creates a usable blueprint and guide to help us knit our best wardrobe.

Amy’s newest effort is a must-have for the sweater knitters out there, full of inspiration and valuable information. Pick up Knit Wear Love today!



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