Custom Socks: The Harcourt Sock

Harcourt pmI love a lacy sock. They’re a little bit of prettiness for your feet, plus they go so quickly. I’m not the fastest knitter ever, but the first sock only took me a week or so. (We’ll see how long the second one takes…) You can throw them in your bag for excellent portable knitting, and the lace makes them interesting without being too challenging. Simple lace patterns like the zig-zag lace of the Harcourt Sock are perfect; the pattern is easy to memorize, and every other round is just a plain knit round. No need to haul around charts or worry about losing your place!

Harcourt Sock BookAlso, one of the great things about this pattern for knit socks (and many of the patterns in Kate Atherley’s book Custom Socks) is that it’s written for both top-down and toe-up socks. This tends to be something sock knitters have Feelings about. I prefer top-down myself; as theĀ  heel is always the sticking point for me, I like being able to try them on and check the fit before I finish. On the other hand, as a spinner, I appreciate that you can use an all your yarn with the toe-up method; no running out halfway through the foot or skimping on the leg only to have a ton of yarn leftover. Also, this could be a cure for SSS (second sock syndrome)–knit the first one top-down, then make the second one toe-up for variety!

What’s your preferred method? Are you a toe-up or top-down sock knitter? Leave a comment below and weigh in!


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