Custom-Fit Your Knits!

Kate Atherley

Choosing what size to knit is something that sounds easy—what size is my bust? I'll knit that size! But that doesn't work every time, or even most times.

You have to take several things into consideration, including the style of the garment, the amount of ease you want it to have, and how your measurements will match up with the garment's finished measurements.

I know I've knitted things that turned out the wrong size, and chances are, you have, too. Avoid this heartache in the future! Join us for Kate Atherley's Knitting Designs with Custom Fit: The Basics of Sizing Knitting Patterns for Gaments webinar!

You'll learn all about garment sizing and fit and reading and understanding the sizing information presented in knitting patterns.

Some of the things Kate will cover in her webinar include:

  • How to choose what size garment to knit using sizing information and other pattern clues to make sure the complete garment fits as intended.
  • Key concepts of ease, fit, and styling to explore what type of garment and size would fit best for your personal style.
  • How to measure yourself properly.
  • Tips for easy garment alterations to make a garment flattering.
  • How to avoid some of the biggest knitting pitfalls that lead to ill-fitting garments.

Get the tools you need to master fitting your knits in the Knitting Designs with Custom Fit webinar. And this is only part one! Kate will be back with a follow-up webinar to show you how to incorporate waist-shaping, make more pattern modifications, and offer in-depth discussion on making custom-fitting garments.

Join Kate and me on June 27th at 1 p.m. Eastern Time for Knitting Designs with Custom Fit.

See you there!


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