6 Great Ways to Wear a Crescent Shawl

You don’t need a wardrobe stylist to create outfits with your handknitted projects. Almost any knitted garment or accessory can be worn in multiple ways—more than we get to photograph for the magazine. Here, we model some casual and dressy looks for Susanna IC’s Tarfala Valley Shawl, featured in Love of Knitting Winter 2017. Use these photos as inspiration to create new looks with your favorite wrap – crescent shawl or not!

crescent shawl

Day Looks for Your Crescent Shawl

We tried to think of everything – from your potential vacay look to everyday wear! From left to right, here are my takes on your crescent shawl for daytime accessorizing.

Sarong: Tie the shawl around your hips.

Loosey Goosey: Hold the shawl in front of you, tie the ends in a loose knot, and place it over your head with the ends in back. Pull the ends in front to adjust the length of the scarf.

Tucked Under: Place one end on your neck and wrap until you run out of shawl. Tuck the short ends underneath or tie them together in back to secure them.

crescent shawl

Evening Looks – Take It to the Next Level

From left to right, Interweave Crochet Associate Editor Sara Dudek gamely shows off some crescent shawl evening looks.  She works it well, doesn’t she?

Classic: Wrap the widest part of the shawl around your shoulders with ends in the front. Attach the ends together with a shawl pin.

Faux Poncho: Rotate the Classic so the ends fall at the back.

One Shoulder Drape: Hold the shawl in front of your body and place one end on a shoulder. Wrap the shawl across your body and around your back until the other end crosses over that same shoulder in the opposite direction. Use a shawl pin to secure the end where it meets the body of the shawl.

What is your favorite way to wear a shawl? Let me know in the comments!

Happy shawl-styling,


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