National Craft Month: Making March Awesome Again

So March is this month at the beginning of the year when the new year’s excitement has worn off; Winter hasn’t completely finished yet; and we feel increasing stress about doing our taxes. There are 21-year-olds destroying parts of Florida in the name of Spring Break. In other words, it’s not the best month of the year.

So thankfully, in 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association decided to reclaim ol’ March and made it NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH. Cuz you know what pairs perfectly with an unexpected mid-March blizzard? Makin’ stuff. Staying home. SITTING WITH SCISSORS.

Lisa's Knit Moose Sweater - Just One Way to Love National Craft MonthI hope you’ve been enjoying National Craft Month. I’ve been knitting a moose sweater in my big red chair, listening to podcasts (now wanting to try out an audio book from Penguin Random House), and wondering if I can take up jewelry-making. Should I use a torch inside my little old house? How would the landlord feel about that? I craft in solitude most of the time, at the end of the day at home, but I always feel connected to other crafters as I work—partly because I end up writing about my crafting and you guys read it, connect with me, and comment! Another way I feel connected to crafters is through the work of my colleagues in the yarn industry; seeing their hard work in new products and brands. Some of the folks I work with have sponsored our Craft Month efforts here at Interweave—companies such as Skacel, ChiaoGoo, Eucalan, DMC, Love Knitting and Red Heart. These companies are always striving to develop and bring you cool new products to support your knitting practice. Check them out below!

One of these companies that is close to my heart is the Musk Ox Farm, based in Alaska. I wrote about the musk ox, who makes the planet’s warmest animal fiber, in one of my columns and I just fell in love with this funny animal as I researched it. The Musk Ox Farm works to educate people on this ancient Arctic beast and to expand the economic opportunities for Alaskan Native people. The farm welcomes visitors, but they won’t be open for the season til May—yknow, Alaska and long winters and all that—but you can own a piece of their story when you buy qiviut yarn from them.

Savor the snow or the sun, whatever you have where you live, and stay crafty, my friends.


ChiaoGoo Knitting Sampler: “Knotes” note card set, 6” stainless steel, double point set (includes US sizes 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3) with book-style, zippered case and a bamboo needle holder.

A sumptuous blend of baby alpaca, mulberry silk and linen, HiKoo® Rylie is simply ravishing. Now available in hand-painted hues!

Red Heart
Cool Canvas Yarn Art
Celebrate National Craft Month & Create your own Red Heart yarn art! Use the provided heart template, or draw your own shape.
Download Free Pattern

Trust Eucalan Delicate Wash to keep your exquisite handmade creations clean year-round. Infused with pure essential oils, there’s a refreshing scent for everyone.

Penguin Random House
Listen While You Knit!
Receive a copy of Fannie Flagg’s THE WHOLE TOWN’S TALKING, a crafting booklet, and other great giveaways!

Musk Ox Farm
Have a BALL!
Click here for 20% off our Gently Hand-Combed Qiviut yarn. Happy Craft Month from the Musk Ox Farm!

Super chunky DMC Natura XL knits up super-fast. Soft, long staple, 100% combed cotton. Matte finish. Perfect for knitting & crochet.
Discover Sublime Baby Cashmere yarn and so much more at LoveKnitting.