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I’ve been buried in knitting projects lately, but as soon as I got a free moment, I pulled out my Pin Loom Woven Bunting kit from craft.girl to give pin loom weaving a whirl. I’ve never woven a thing in my life, and it took a little while for me to get the hang of the pin loom, but after I finished my first square successfully it’s been smooth sailing!


This is the pin loom that comes in the kit. It comes with a 6″ tapestry needle for easy weaving and a shorter, 3″ tapestry needle. I honestly have no idea what those other little metal pieces are but I didn’t want to neglect the little guys! I haven’t had to use them for anything at this point.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but there are markings on the plastic part of the loom; there are numbers that indicate where on the loom you are supposed to be when you start each step and arrows pointing where you should lead the yarn for each step. I didn’t realize at first that these are specific to exactly what I am doing and I ignored them. Only once I was making the squares accurately did it dawn on me that those markings were trying to help me! Get a clue, Hannah!

The first step is setting up the “weft,” or the first three layers of yarn through which one weaves later. This is what that looks like:


Once this part is set up, you wrap the yarn around the pin loom five times, cut the yarn and thread it through the long tapestry needle, and start weaving! Here is what it looks like during that step:


These are the squares I have finished so far . . .


. . . and the final project will look very close to this:

Interweave Craft Girl-39

I really love the color scheme of the ball of yarn I’m using (it changes from blues to maroons and back), so I’ll probably finish up the yarn ball and however many squares I end up will indicate the final length of my project. If you are working on this project, you could always use very different yarns like in the picture to get a more colorful piece. I’m so excited to hang this up in my work cube or in my room at home!

This is a quality beginning weaving project for someone who has never done weaving before, and it’s great for people of all ages! The kit would make a fabulous gift for a crafty person. Or get one for yourself and make holiday-themed bunting décor! You can also make lots of squares and sew them together into a scarf or other accessory. Even though the loom is for making squares, options of what to do with those squares abound! And like knitting, it is an ideal activity for being productive while simultaneously catching up on your favorite show or podcast. Get your kit and start pin loom weaving today!

Happy weaving,
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