craft.girl: Pin Curls

I asked the incredibly talented and stylish Lindsay Jarvis, who designed the cover headband for craft.girl, to talk a little bit about her pin curl tutorial in the issue. Lindsay’s hair is always a beautiful work of art, and it was so much fun to learn about how she achieves her signature style.

Lindsay says: So, why is there a hair tutorial in a craft magazine, you might be asking. Well to me, it’s just like any other craft—you’re working with your hands and hair is your medium. It was a lot of fun to write about pin curls, something that has been a hobby of mine for over a decade. But deciding how to tackle an introduction was a bit of a challenge! In this tutorial, you will learn the anatomy of a two different types of pin curls and how to create them in your own hair. Once you get these two curls down, you can use them in all sorts of combinations (sets) for different results.

And here’s a fun tip that wasn’t included in the magazine: use a spray bottle of either water or water mixed with setting lotion to control flyaways near the tips of your hair, this will help to keep the curls neat.IMG_9216 IMG_9228 IMG_9245 IMG_9266

Learn to make pin curls of your own in this issue, along with lots of other beginner friendly crafts! Whatever you’re chosen artistic outlet, if you’re making something with your hands it’s a satisfying pursuit. You never know what craft you might fall in love with until you give a few a try!

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