Cozy Slippers

Since my slippers are my work shoes (I love working at home!), I an quite the slipper connoisseur. Every year, I get a new pair of heavy duty clog-style slippers, and I have some softer, cozier slippers for curling up in front of the fire with my knitting.

One of my favorite knitted slipper patterns is the Aran Isle slippers, which come in several sizes.

These beauties by Jennifer Lang make big use of a small canvas: A cable panel adorned upper, seed-stitch surround, and stockinette-stitch sole add up to slippers to live in all winter. These are fun to knit, and your family will love them! My nephew loves it when he has a matching something-or-other with an adult, and these slippers would fit the bill.

Aran Isle slippers by Jennifer Lang. This pattern is just one of eight slipper knitting patterns in our Knitted Slipper Collection for the Whole Family!

These slippers are so pretty. I have some pink yarn that I think will be perfect. The Aran Isle slippers have been in my queue long enough; it's time I get to knitting.

I can't end this without sharing some slipper wisdom. I've learned the hard way that slippers need a little gippiness on the bottom. Just because I have an ample-sized rump, doesn't mean I want to land on it (again). Here's how I make my handknit slippers grippy:

Adding or Making Non-Skid Soles

Add a leather sole (available at your local yarn shop) to your slippers, or do a little DIY project to make your slippers non-skid.

There are lots of ways to do this, but my favorite is to add DAP (a plumber's caulk) to the bottoms of my slippers. I just squeeze some all over the bottom and spread it out evenly with a putty knife. I let it dry for about 24 hours (sticky side up!), and then they're ready to wear.

I've heard of other methods of skid-proofing that use puff paint that you can get at the craft store. A product called Plasti-Dip is also recommended on some knitting blogs, but I've never tried it. All of the bloggers say to use it in a well-ventilated area, so there's that to consider.

I love the Aran Isle slippers, but we like to give you options. We've put eight of our favorite slipper patterns together for you. Download Knitted Slipper Collection for the Whole Family and start knitting coziness!


P.S. Are you knitting slippers for anyone on your gift list? Leave a comment below and share with us what gifts you have DONE!

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