So Your Coworker’s Having a Baby: 5 Quick Baby Hats

Have you ever been in that situation where someone you’re only vaguely acquainted with announces they’re expecting a baby and then gives you a look that says, as The Knitter, you’ll be making something for them? In some situations, you can gracefully bow out, but in other circumstances, you’re going to be knitting for the impending newborn. No one wants the inevitable awkwardness of the giftee opening a gift bag and finding a gift card and nipple guards when they were expecting a knitted layette worthy of Princess Charlotte. “Oh . . . thank you. How . . . useful.”

What to do when you need to make something, but don’t want to commit all of your foreseeable knitting time to a Shetland lace blanket? Knit a baby hat! Here are 5 suggestions for your bus driver/barista/second cousin’s new bundle of joy:

The McHenry Hat

baby hats

Everyone loves a hat that turns a cute baby into a cute animal. (If you’re feeling more favorably toward the recipient, you can knit an adorable stuffie to match.) Not a dog person? Maybe a baby gator or monkey is more your style!

A Bonnet for Baby Emma

baby hats

Does the recipient (or her parents) have a more classical, romantic style? This lace bonnet is just the thing. It’s perfect for christenings and Jane Austen re-enactments.

The Vine Lace Baby Hat

baby hats

baby hats

A little lacy cap to cover the baby’s precious little noggin. Bonus: It’s a free pattern! Just grab something from your stash and knock it out in an evening.

The Brioche Helmet Hat

baby hats

If you have to make a project anyway, you might as well learn a new technique. Practice brioche knitting on this baby hat, then use your new skills to make something you want.

The Oscar Baby Hat

baby hats

Ohms Design

There’s no better way to share your grouchy feelings about knitting requests from people who are practically strangers. Fortunately, Muppet baby hats are also incredibly cute.

What’s your go-to project for acquaintances’ babies?


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