Corset Girls!

Introducing the Corset 9! (and Bertha makes 10.)

Sandi talked nine of us Interweavers into trying on the Corset Pullover and (gasp!) disclose our measurements for her post, Nine Women and a Sweater. So, for the greater good of knitting, we agreed to demonstrate how the sweater looks with various amounts of ease, both positive and negative.

As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization below for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Corset 1 Corset pix 2
Corset Detail corset detail 2


Her bust: 34" (86.5 cm)
Ease as shown: 1.25" (3.2 cm) positive ease
Customizations? I like the longer length on Bertha, but the neck is still too wide. Bertha likes to wear daringly low-cut bodices to frame her neck (she works with what she has, seeing as she does not have a face), so I would widen the neck straps for her without raising the neckline. Because Bertha is a bit challenged in the arm department, it is hard to tell if the sleeve length suits her or not.

The Corset 9:
Debbie Front Debbie side


Her bust: 34.5" (87.5 cm)
Ease as shown: .75" (2 cm) positive ease
Customizations? The length is good on Debbie, accenting her hips and belly in a lovely way. The neckline is too deep and wide on her; she needs a smaller armhole and slightly shorter sleeves to highlight her curves better. Debbie would perhaps want to move both sets of waist straps down a half-inch or so to match her shape.

erin front erin side


Her bust: 38" (96.5 cm)
Ease as shown: 2.75" (7 cm) negative ease
Customizations? Erin is very tall, and very long-waisted; her curvy bustline pulls the hem up way too far! Erin would add about 4-5" to the bodice length, and she would widen the neck "straps" for a more modest and better-fitting neck. She might want to work more armhole decrease rows to give herself more room there as well. Note that Erin would also have to move both sets of waist straps down by quite a bit!

katie front katie back of corset


Her bust: 35.5" (90 cm)
Ease as shown: .25" (6 mm) negative ease–closest fit of any of those shown!
Customizations? A narrower and higher neckline would suit Katie's long neck-to-bust length better. Rather than narrowing the central panel, Katie could make the neck "straps" a bit wider, thus preserving the body-skimming fit.

Kit Front Kit Corset


Her bust: 36" (91.5 cm)
Ease as shown: .75" (2 cm) negative ease
Customizations? Kit favors a "mod" look, so the shortie length suits her well. The neckline could be a bit narrower, but overall, I think the sample sweater fits Kit the best of any of our Corset Gals.

Kat in Corset


Her bust: 40" (101.5 cm)
Ease as shown: 4.5" (11.5 cm) negative ease (whoo!)
Customizations? Kat would lengthen the bodice just a bit so the hem fell a bit lower on her womanly hips. Although she needs the extra width in the central panel, the neckline is still a bit too wide, so she might make the neck "straps" wider to compensate.

laura front laura back


Her bust: 34.75" (88.5 cm)
Ease as shown: .5" (1.3 cm) positive ease
Customizations? Notice how the extra length "pulls down" Laura's lovely long torso–shortening the length of both bodice and sleeves, as well as raising the neckline, would provide a better shape. Here again, a narrower central panel would also make the neckline fit better. Laura also would work fewer armhole decrease rows, as her arms are very delicate and thus her armholes don't need to be so deep.

liz in corset front liz in corset back


Her bust: 37" (94 cm)
Ease as shown: 1.75" (4.5 cm) negative ease
Customizations? Both sets of waist straps could be lowered an inch or so to better "shape" her bustline. Liz might also make the central panel narrower if she wants a narrower, more flattering, neckline.

tricia in corset


Her bust: 36.75" (93.5 cm)
Ease as shown: 1" (2.5 cm) negative ease
Customizations? Narrower central panel to make neck fit better. Tricia's style is playful and edgy, so the shorter overall fit on her matches her personal style; however, shorter sleeves would be more flattering and balance her bustline.


Her bust: 33.5" (85 cm)
Ease as shown: 1.75" (4.5 cm) positive ease
Customizations? The neck is too wide to stay on Toni's narrow shoulders, so she could take out a couple of pattern repeats in the center panel to make the front narrower. The sleeves could be shortened so that the frilly cuffs were closer to Toni's waistline, accenting it a bit more. Also, we could have cinched the waist straps a bit more. If Toni wanted a closer fit, she would make the next size down.

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