Corrina Ferguson: Blooming where you're planted

There's a special collection of knits in the new issue of Knitscene. Designer Corrina Ferguson's pieces are feminine and inventive, and certainly fashion-forward. But they're also wearable and fun to knit.

Mallory Hills Shawl by Corrina Ferguson

Corrina has four designs in this issue, including two beautiful shawls. And if you love lace knitting, you'll love Corrina's designs even more!

We loved the Mallory Hills Shawlette (at left) so much that we kitted it up for you. You'll get the magazine with the pattern, one skein of Manos del Uruguay Fino Yarn, which is an elegant and refined blend of 70% merino wool and 30% silk. This lightweight yarn is perfect for heirloom accessories or luxurious garments. You can choose from three colors: Velvet Pincushion (as seen in Knitscene Spring 2014), Crystal Goblet (pale blue), or Amethyst Earring (purple).

Shelby Creek Shrug by Corrina Fergusen
Sugar Grove Shawl by Corrina Ferguson
Clayton Mill Cardigan by Corrina Ferguson

Corrina's designs are beautiful and unique. Do you want to take a peek behind the curtain and learn a little about what makes Corrina tick? Here's a profile of Corrina for you:

The Path Less Traveled: Corrina Ferguson

Corrina Ferguson was born and raised in Milford, Ohio, a chilly Cincinnati suburb she remembers fondly for its ice cream socials. Her family of four now lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Knitting, for many of us, is one of those talents born out of the hands of our elders, but not Corrina. Knowing she'd always wanted to learn to knit, Corrina's husband bought her a Learn to Knit kit. She tried with great zeal to teach herself, but upon failure, she sought a little outside help to get hands-on instruction, and it was there that a knitter was born.

Corrina wanted to push the edges of her mind and hands to see what she could produce. Each project had to be bigger, better, and harder. Cables: check. Intarsia: check. I-cord: check. Her projects picked up steam as she continually checked off her mental list, and her fervor for the craft grew and grew. In two years, Corrina's dedication and innate understanding allowed her to accomplish what can take many knitters a lifetime.

Her firm knitting grasp pushed her to teach others, so she took to her local yarn shop to set up classes, only to realize that she was going to need patterns to do so. Without a second thought, she sat down and whipped up her first pattern, the Snappy Hat (which has now been made more than 1,000 times, according to Ravelry). Pattern-writing suddenly gave Corrina the freedom to knit along the road less taken. And so she worked and reworked each design, ripping out days of knitting to ensure that the harsh lines were minimized and the piece felt truly organic.

Corrina used her organic, no-holds-barred approach with the four pieces she designed for this issue. The I-cord edging and cable waist shaping in the Clayton Mill Cardigan give it a soft, yet tailored feel, making this cardigan perfect for pairing with jeans or an Easter sundress. The Shelby Creek Shrug has a simple "business up front, counterpane party in the back" approach that is sure to embellish any ordinary outfit. The reversibility of the Sugar Grove Shawl makes styling easy, while the two-needle cast-on creates a dramatic, unconventional edge that would complement a strapless dress or flowy top. Finally, the basic lace columns in the Mallory Hills Shawlette create a lightweight shawl that could look great draped over a fitted blouse or even the back of your chair.

Eight years after she picked up the needles, Corrina has created more than 137 designs. As an addictive knitter, she can be found knitting and designing everywhere. She sketches the back of a woman's sweater in meetings, she carries her knitting to the beach, and she knits as she stands in line at amusement parks. The weather may be unforgiving when it comes to heavy wool projects, and the sand inevitably etches into the sides of her delicate lace projects, but Corrina carries on, forging a path as a different knitter, one who doesn't believe in rules.

—Robin Shroyer, from Knitscene, Spring 2014

Pretty inspiring, right? Get your Mallory Hills Shawl Kit today, and start knitting


P.S. How did you learn to knit? Leave a comment and share your experience with us!


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