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Knit Project

Celtic Queen

I was just saying that it was cooling down here; I spoke too soon. The temps are headed up to the high 90s/100s this week. So, fall is way in the distance again, and we’re back to thinking about summer knitting.

That’s okay, because there’s a lot of summer left. We usually have a beautiful September, perfect for wearing those summer knits. To celebrate the season, we’re having a $5 sale, and there’s a book included that’s one of my favorites: Light & Layered Knits by Vicki Square.

This is a collection that spans the seasons, so it’s perfect for this time of year. There are lots of cute tops, which I’m highlighting here, but also some great jackets, wraps, and tunics to use for layering.

To the right is the Celtic Queen top, which I have to admit I hadn’t noticed before now. How could I have missed it? The little cap sleeves are so cute. This one will knit up FAST, too, with just tiny cap sleeves to knit. (Regular sleeves always take so much longer than I think they will.)

Here are some more beautiful knit tees you’ll find in Light & Layered Knits.


From top left: Origami Flower, Tesserae Tee, Zig Zag Shell, Ruffled Shell

Each of these tops are special in their own way.

  • Origami Flower is just darling, with its little flower on the front. This is made with three simple folds and a little whip stitch to hold it together.
  • Tesserae is a slip-stitched wonder in perfect black and white. It’s named for the small pieces of stone used in ancient mosaics. It does have a Byzantine feel, doesn’t it?
  • The Zig Zag Shell is just so cool! The back is all the blue color, FYI. I love this top—so unique and eye-catching. This would be one to be extra proud of!
  • Finally, the simplicity of the Ruffled Shell. It’s so feminine and pretty. This would be darling with some tailored black shorts or crops. Wonderful for date night, if you ask me.
Knit Project

Celtic Queen, shoulder detail

But back to Celtic Queen. I want to show you some more details on this one. The shoulders and neck ribbing are done in a contrasting color of the same yarn as the body. The Celtic influence shows in the shoulders, with beautiful cable motifs.

Special detail: the ribbing along the neck is highlighted with bobbles! Little ones, and they really work here. I know some knitters aren’t bobble fans, so feel free to use 2/2 ribbing instead. Those bobbles, though. Very cute!

Celtic Queen, side detail

Celtic Queen, side detail

Vicki is an experienced designer, and she really knows how to make sweaters that fit perfectly. She’s incorporated some ribbing into the sides of Celtic Queen, to make it hug the body nicely. The yarn Vicki used in this pattern is a silk blend, so it needs to be a little form-fitting. The ribbing makes it snug in a good way, and comfortable.

The two-tone color combo is very attractive, and cap sleeves are flattering on lots of body types. Plus, if you want to wear a jacket over the top, there isn’t a problem with the sleeves bunching up.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Light & Layered Knits while it’s available for this super price. It’s cheaper than a single pattern download, so get your copy today! The sale ends tonight at midnight, Mountain Time.

Happy summer, again.


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