Notions Cases We Wish We’d Thought Of

Have you found your perfect notions case? Try upcycling something meant for a completely different purpose. I never found a notions case that worked for me until I found my father’s old tackle box in my parents’ garage. This box had many compartments of varying sizes, which fit my notions perfectly. I now had spaces for my stitch markers, stitch holders, cable needles, and tapestry needles all in one place. This style of upcycling is common in crafting: we love to recycle a item into something new, often changing from its original functionality. I scoured the Internet to find other items that could be repurposed into the perfect notions case.

The wide compartments are perfect for organizing your large collection of notions.

1. Fishing tackle box

My father’s old saltwater fishing tackle box was the perfect notions solution for me. Any sporting goods store will carry a variety of these. I prefer the saltwater tackle boxes that have extra long spaces, originally meant for larger or handmade lures, which are perfect for tapestry and cable needles. This box sits on my desk, keeping all my notions organized and easy to find.

Give your swatch a new purpose with Sarah’s notions bag.

2. Sarah’s Swatch Bag

Every knitting project starts with a swatch (or at least it should). You can upcycle leftover swatches into handy notions bags. Follow Sarah Rothberg’s directions for sewing them into a drawstring pouch as part of her Yarn Leftovers series. These bags are easily adjustable, depending on the size of your swatch. We all have to make swatches, so why not give them a new purpose?

Small and sturdy, tin boxes are perfect for on-the-go knitters.

3. Tin Box

Do you like mints? If you do, this item will probably look familiar to you. These boxes are the perfect grab-and-go notions case. Most are big enough to fit your markers, counters, tapestry needles, cable needles, and even a small pair of scissors. The hard tin box holds up to daily wear in project bags, purses, and backpacks; perfect for the knitter on the go.

Everyone from the 80’s remembers these iconic makeup cases, which are now perfect for your knitting notions. Image credit: Caboodles.

4. Caboodles Cosmetics Case

Caboodles cases were all the rage back in the 80s and 90s, and now they make excellent notions cases. Your whole collection of notions will have a place and stay organized, since these cases have so many storage options. Many cases come with mirrors also. Grab a notion and check your lipstick with the same case.

Pencil cases offer plenty of room for all your notions in a portable, zippered pouch.

5. Pencil Case with Compartments

This item can be found in almost every student’s backpack. A pencil case can be a useful notions case, especially if it has compartments. Many modern pencil cases offer a basin that could hold a small pair of scissors, pencils and pens for marking patterns, a slotted holder for your tapestry and cable needles, and two small pockets for your stitch markers and holders. The soft fabric of these cases holds up well to daily use and can compress as needed to squeeze into a packed project bag.

Tell us about your favorite notions cases. Do you use any of the items listed here?

Yours in yarn,
Gus C. Baxter

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  1. Myriam G at 4:52 pm October 1, 2017

    My notions bags are sandal bags!
    The outdoor sandals that I buy come in a very handy zipper-closing bag with a small loop at the end, perfect for fitting a spring hook. The bag is big enough for all the notions: scissors, measuring tape AND ruler, tapestry needles, pencil and pen, crochet hook for fixing mistakes or for crochet cast-on, smaller bags for markers and for stitch holders, dental floss, and of course, the knitting needles needed. It can even fit the project itself, up to half a sweater. When the project itself is too big, I use a tote bag to fit both the project and the sandal bag.

    I have three of those bags, and all of them are in alsmot constant use.

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