Come Together Over Socks

Where I live, fall means knitting, cooler temperatures, and political campaigns. I find all the knitted socks I finished in years past, wear them as the leaves fall . . . and tune out another political ad.

No matter what color or intensity your political stripe, we all must be ready for something we can agree on. Whether we’re uniting behind the common foe of cold, wet feet or marching on the LYS to strengthen our sock-knitting resolve, it’s time to remember what unites us as knitters. This fall, you have a choice. It’s time to knit socks.  

Behind the Scenes

We created this project, code named “Politico,” as the Last Stitch feature for the Fall 2012 issue of Sockupied. I hate boring last pages, so we imagine a new way of closing every issue. Beginning with Franklin Habit’s fairy tale in the first issue, we’ve had limericks, video postcards from socks on vacation, and a color-your-own argyle painter. Readers of the Fall 2012 Sockupied enjoyed the video so much that I had to share.

There’s lots more fun in this issue, such as a stop-motion animation for Melissa Lemmons’s Scandent Socks (our One Sock Two Ways pattern), along with articles and patterns to help you master your fall footwear.

We're always looking for fresh ideas for the Last Stitch, so send yours to There could be yarn in it for you…






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