Colorwork the Easy Way: Slipped Stitches

The first time I saw Eunny Jang's Blooming Cotton Scarf, featured in our Spring Interweave Knits 2009 issue, I thought it was stranded colorwork, like a modern sort of Fair Isle. It certainly looks that way–but it's not. Instead of working with two colors at a time, you work with only one color at a time per row, so there's no yarn wrangling to be done.

How does this work? The Blooming Cotton Scarf uses the magic of slipped stitches to create a rich, colorful pattern. You hold the working color in your hand, knitting only some stitches in each row, and slipping-without-working other stitches. The slipped stitches are thus "carried up" from previous rows where another color was used. That's how the color patterns are formed: If you slip a stitch from a previous row, it will stay in the color of that previous row. Magic! (Not to mention super-easy.)

One more interesting thing about the Blooming Cotton Scarf

It is worked in the round lengthwise! Yes, I said lengthwise–like a big knitted circle. When the knitting is done, you cut through the circle at a place where there is no color pattern, and ravel the work back to the beginning of the actual colorwork. Instant fringe! And also…a sneaky-but-easy steek, thrown in there when no one was looking. This is a really stress-free way to have your first "cutting-your-knitting" experience.

This is a great spring scarf–don't forget to check out the alternate colorways below! And there’s more great spring projects in the Spring issue of Interweave Knits. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, pick it up at your local yarn store or order here.

— Sandi



The Blooming Cotton Scarf: More colorways!

If you love the scarf, but the colorway shown in the magazine is not your style, Eunny has designed three alternate colorways. Instructions for the main scarf are in the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits; instructions for the three alternate colorways are this week's free pattern download.

Download the Blooming Colors Scarf: Alternate Colorways!



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