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ColorKnits for Everyone!

The Fall 2012 issue of ColorKnits is packed with color knitting delights. Whether you like intarsia, stranded knitting, simple colorwork, or true Fair Isle, there is something here to tempt you.

Until now, the issue was only available in the iPad version. But as of today, you can now download Colorknits Fall 2012 in a Mac version and a PC version.

And boy, am I delighted. Having pulled together this collection, I was beyond eager for every knitter I meet to get a copy.

In Knitting Color

Sea Ranch Beret by Alice Starmore

If the eye candy in this issue doesn’t have you pulling yarn off the shelves to make your own knitted palette, I don’t know what will.

Alice Starmore’s Fair Isle pattern for the Sea Ranch Beret (plus a video interview) is pretty thrilling, of course. But the other star designers in this issue—Lucinda Guy, Michele Rose Orne, Ann Weaver, and Heather Zoppetti—outdid themselves with a knitted bag using both intarsia and stranded colorwork, a striped sweater pattern, a simple colorwork cowl, and a new lace knitting technique that combines colorwork, reversible knitting, and knitted lace in one scarf pattern.

Discover your new favorite yarn for color knitting in our review of six different Shetland yarns.

Have you ever wondered about all the yarns that say Shetland on the label? Our yarn review shows you six different interpretations of Shetland yarns, from fleece raised on the island to a general Shetland style.

Are you looking to break out of your color rut and shake up your color schemes? (I’m all for sticking with what works, but the amount of blue yarn in my stash could knit a blue whale.) Adding a complementary color to your old standby might provide just the pop of color you’ve been craving.

Complementary Cowl by Ann Weaver

Go check out ColorKnits in all its hues.

(At this point, the app is not available for Android, Nook, or Kindle.) 


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