Colorful Knitting

Almost two and a half years ago, I watched Laura Bryant's video, A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color. Since then, I've thought about it maybe a thousand times (or more)!

My Bohus cardigan, mid-steek

Laura is the creative force behind Prism Yarns, some of the most beautiful handpainted yarn on the market. I learned so much from her workshop, and it's really stuck with me.

I've put together a Bohus yoked cardigan with blue and cream in shades that go perfectly with my chocolate brown body color; another cardigan with a blue/black handpainted yarn run with a brown, sparkly mohair that adds just the right amount of haze and bling; and a pink, green, and brown faux isle hat.

And there's more in the wings. I have some pink and turquoise that's aching to become a striped pullover, and several different colors of fingering wool that I'm going to use to design a traditional Fair Isle cardigan. Not to mention my colorful sock yarn that's waiting to become footies.

Laura's video has inspired me to think far outside my brown/cream/gray palette. I still love those colors and I'll certainly continue to use them, but now I look for pops of color to incorporate into my knitwear. Even a bright button, an orange facing, or an apple green duplicate stitched detail can add so much to my Earth-toned go-to colors.

Laura starts with a discussion of color value, hue, and weight—which is fascinating—and relates this color knowledge to working with yarn. A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color goes far beyond color-wheel basics, though.

Yes, orange and green are complementary colors—but what happens when you have different color hues and weights? A pastel, minty green is complimentary to a pastel orange, but not so much to a bright, neon orange. However, a bit of neon orange on a mint green tank top would turn heads—the colors would fight for attention. This could be a good "fight" or you might think it was a little too much; Laura helps you train your eye to know right away if the color combination you've chosen will work.

Watch Laura's video on Craft Daily. Check it out today for a free three-day subscription (ends on 7/28 )! There's a wealth of knitting techniques and inspiration waiting for you!


P.S. What's your latest colorful knitting project? Share it with us in the comments!


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