Coffeehouse Knits: The Rituals of Coffee and Knitting

Every morning, the first thing I do when I get into the office is get out my French press. I love the practice of making coffee: waiting for the water to heat up, watching for it to steep just the right amount, pushing the grounds to the bottom, then adding a dollop of milk, cupping the warm mug in my hands, and breathing in the fragrant steam. It’s a brief moment to center myself and prepare to tackle the day.

This is the ideal way to start the day: wearing handknit socks in a hammock with a hot drink and a book. Photo Credit: Caleb Young

All hot beverages have a degree of calm about them, even if you don’t make it yourself. How many times have you gotten together with friends at a coffeeshop to hang out and chat? Or taken your work laptop out to escape the office and enjoy a cappuccino? Whenever I need to get out of the house, a book and a nice latte are the perfect refuge. Relaxing with a nice warm drink is always a soothing treat.

Knitting, friends, and a latte—what’s not to love? Photo Credit: Jenn Rein

The projects in Coffeehouse Knits are the knitting equivalent of a morning coffee ritual. They’re simple but elegant, made in lush yarns that are a joy to knit with and a pleasure to wear. All you have to focus on is simple knit and purl stitches, with an occasional cable or lace pattern to pique your interest. It has that same meditative quality; it’s comforting to do a repetitive task that’s familiar and predictable.

With 20 projects to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect project. I’m especially enamored of the Chocolate Challah Pullover. The simple stockinette-stitch body is worked in the round, making it an easy knit for when you’re chatting with friends or listening to podcasts. It also nicely offsets the wide saddle-style shoulders that come together to create a dramatic V-neck and back yoke. The alpaca-blend yarn make it a great sweater for both curling up in an armchair and showing off your knitting skills.

Easy stockinette stitch and gorgeous cables make a stunning sweater. Photo Credit: Caleb Young

Grab your needles, head to your favorite coffeeshop, and enjoy some Coffeehouse Knits!

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