Coco Would Approve!

"Tis the season for cold hands. Knitters are lucky to be able to make their own mitten, gloves, or fingerless mitts—we can choose the perfect yarn, style, color and make them to fit our hands perfectly.

Gabrielle Buttoned Mitts from French Girl Knits Accessories by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

I'm partial to fingerless mitts so I have my hands free to use my phone, type, knit, or grab a little snack. There are lots of patterns out there for fingerless mitts, but I love the Gabrielle Buttoned Mitts in French Girl Knits Accessories by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. They're chic to wear and fun to knit.

Here's what Kristeen has to say about her Gabrielle Mitts:

These oh-so-very Chanel-like graphic black-and-white side buttoned mittaines bring together everything I adore about design: an easy-to-create project with unexpected details that elevate the style quotient. Fans of Madame Coco will appreciate the confident, yet elegant aesthetic that allows Gabrielle to be worn with anything from leather to velvet.

As a designer, Chanel possessed a chameleon-like ability to recalibrate and innovate, yet stay true to her core vision. I find it interesting that she was raised in very rough country, far from that glamorous world she later created for herself. Having traveled through the regions where she spent her youth, I can assure you, central France is not for sissies—it is endowed with a wild volcanic landscape that demands self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Knowing this deepens my understanding of what fostered Coco's self assurance and increases my admiration of her accomplishments in a time when women were practically invisible within the cosmos of haute couture. Oh, to have been a (well-dressed) fly on the wall of her Rue Chambon 1920s atelier as she deliberated on the first of her many groundbreaking undertakings—the dress that brought black out of mourning and into the light of day. Many of the early sewing projects that I labored over were Vogue patterns from the Parisian couturiers—Lanvin, Dior, Givenchy. I was their willing apprentice and, because of them, I have the good fortune to make designing my work today. Coco, je t'aime!

—Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, from French Girl Knits Accessories

Aren't the Gabrielle Mitts cute? I just love the buttons; they're a really striking design element, and I have a button jar that's bursting with cute options!

Get yourself a copy of French Girl Knits Accessories and start knitting the Gabrielle Buttoned Mitts today! You might get sidetracked by all of the other cute accessory knitting patterns, but that's okay, too.


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