Knitting Tips: Clever ways to use stitch markers

Get some great knitting tips for using stitch markers in unique ways!

A representation of my stitch marker collection

One of my friends says that she thinks of her fancy stitch markers as jewelry for her knitting. I admire that, because I’m not a super-fan of stitch markers. They interrupt my flow of knitting, so I only use them when absolutely necessary, such as at the beginning of a row and to separate stitch patterns within a row (a cable from its reverse-stockinette background, for example).

And I pretty much only use the flexible rubber markers because I feel like they transfer from needle to needle the easiest. You can see at left though, that I do have a good collection of markers! I get them as gifts a lot, and I enjoy seeing them in my notions bag.

When I came upon this Knitting Daily TV video about new ways to use stitch markers, I was intrigued. Check these knitting tips!

I like the idea of using markers to keep track of decreases, specifically those knit-2-togethers that are sometimes hard to find (especially on dark yarn).

Oh, I forgot one of my other marker-using situations—when I cast on a bunch of stitches, I place a marker very 10, 20, or 50 stitches, depending on how many total stitches I have to cast on. That way I only have to count small groups of stitches instead of hundreds. (Be sure and double check that your increment is correct before you place your marker, or you’ll end up with the wrong stitch count despite your good intentions!)

And for more knitting tips and tricks, watch Knitting Daily TV today, now available as single episode downloads!


What are your favorite ways to use markers? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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