Circling Back

Work in progress to finished object!

When Eunny Jang knitted the Cochin Shrug for EntreKnits, she had several extra balls of yarn left over. It’s a lovely yarn, Rowan Felted Tweed, and as I looked at the sizing I realized I could make myself a shrug out of the remaining 5 balls. I could finish it before the eMag came out and put it on Ravelry!

Eunny Jang's Cochin Shrug

As always, I cast on with the best of intentions. But something came up, as it always does, and the half-finished shrug was buried in the other WiPs in my closet. I’d reached the halfway point, where the excitement of beginning had begun to wane and the excitement of reaching the end hadn’t quite kicked in.

So when we decided earlier this year to begin offering patterns from back issues of eMags for sale in the Knitting Daily Store, there was a new urgency to finish the shrug. (No one would know whether I finished it or not, of course, but a deadline is so motivating…)

I finished it earlier this month, just in time for our sudden drop from balmy to brr, and have been wearing it ever since. At first I was a little concerned about the fit; between casting on and finishing I worked hard on slimming down. (I know, the world’s tiniest violin is playing just for me…) However, the loose fit is just in time for the resurgence of dolman sleeves.

Mathematical to Modular

Soap Bubble Hat by Norah Gaughan

Eunny is an entrelac expert, so when we were planning an issue called EntreKnits I knew she should be part of it. At the time, she was wondering what new uses she could come up with for entrelac. She thought about turning it on its side, which would mean a piece knitted from cuff to cuff. She thought of increasing and decreasing in pattern, shaping the body without adding more entrelac units. Finally, she thought of a twist on a circular shrug, but rendered in three dimensions and rotated on its axis. The result is a sort of sphere hinged along the hemisphere, a bit like the Chinese lanterns for which it is named. (Maybe my high-school calculus teacher should have taught us with knitting patterns in the round in addition to x, y, and z axes.)

Lancaster Blanket by Anna Grace Farrow

When we finished the photo shoot I returned the shrug to Eunny. With the number of knitting patterns created over the years, she has a trunk full of wonderful designs. However, she finds that this simple shrug is one she reaches for again and again.

You can now find this and the other patterns from EntreKnits in the Knitting Daily shop. EntreKnits is still available for Mac and PC, and earlier this year Eunny’s entrelac video workshop hit the shelves. Enjoy!

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