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One of the key parts of getting a project started is choosing yarn. You might have the most beautiful pattern in the world, or the loveliest yarn, but if the two don’t jibe, you can end up creating a project that falls flat. I’ve forced yarns and patterns together in the past, telling myself “I’ll make it work” or “it’s close enough,” and while I’ve occasionally been lucky and things have worked out, more often than not I’ve ended up undoing these projects and starting over with other yarn or a different pattern.

choosing yarn
We worked with Skeino in the past months to create the Phases of the Moon Shawl Kit, a pattern and yarn that work together to create a perfect finished piece. Each kit comes with five colors of yarn, and you transition from one to the next in a way that makes it seem like there are many more colors in play. The simple finished shape and delicate shaping in this pattern really allow the yarn to shine, creating a beautiful shawl using fundamental stitches.

The center of the merino and alpaca yarn is nylon, giving it a hidden strength that pairs beautifully with the yarn’s exceptional softness. It’s easy on the hands and holds up well to wearing—not to mention the colors are stunning. Both kit options showcase beautiful neutral tones, either in blacks or browns, making both options infinitely wearable. I often find myself drawn to neutral tones when knitting so that I can pair my creations more easily with my wardrobe, and this shawl fits the bill for this mindset.

Whether you want to bundle up against wicked winter weather or snuggle up inside with a book and some tea, the soft warmth of the Phases of the Moon Shawl has you covered. The comfy feel of the yarn, paired with its beautiful colors, make it an essential part of any wardrobe, kind of like a warm hug you can take with you anywhere!

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