Knitting Warmth and Comfort with the Powder Hat Kit

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year, and as knitters, we can work a magic of our own. Making loops of string around two sticks, knitters create warmth and comfort in the world. I feel that knitters are, by nature, very giving and always look outside themselves to give to their communities and those in need. I’ve noticed a greater spirit of giving spread through the knitters in my life and a quiet pride that says, “no matter my skill or experience, I can create something that will comfort someone in need.”

Charity donations at the local yarn store get a huge boost during the holidays, with knitters making time to give back while scrambling to finish their own holiday projects. If you are looking for a new project to include in your holiday rotation, Interweave Knits Holiday 2017 is here to help. Quick projects, like the Powder Hat, really help out anybody making things for charity or gift-giving.

powder hat kit

Allison O’Mahoney uses linear lines of ribbing to create a modern masterpiece.

We’re so helpful, we even made a kit for this hat. The Powder Hat Kit by Allison O’Mahoney is THE kit for Winter 2018. Allison uses a Fisherman’s Rib to create a cozy fabric to keep you warm in the winter. Fisherman’s Rib is the little brother to brioche stitch, resulting in a bouncy, double-layered fabric without the confusing YOs and K2togs. Once you get into the groove of this stitch, you can curl up with a mug of Christmas cheer and knit the night away.

Allison chose to stagger this squishy stitch on her hat, creating a pleasing linear effect. Offsetting this rib pattern turns this hat into a subtle modern accessory that anyone would be excited to wear. You will love this hat for charity knitting because it’s a quick, bulky knit and the finished hat will wrap the wearer in comfort. This hat will excite your family members with its combination of clean lines and luxurious yarn. Cascade Boliviana Bulky provides 175 yards of merino bliss: soft merino wool is spun with a springy twist, making it a perfect complement to the bouncy Fisherman’s Rib. With bulky weight yarn and size 11 needles, it will also be a quick knit.

Wrap your loved ones up in Cascade Boliviana Bulky, the definition of cozy.

The Powder Hat Kit comes with a copy of Knits Holiday 2017 and a ball of luxurious Cascade Boliviana Bulky in #7 Silver. This holiday kit is the perfect way to get a jumpstart on your holiday gifts and charity knitting!

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