Changes I’m Making to the Tattoo Tank, Plus a Poll!

I was amazed to see how many folks wrote in to say that they, too, were "pattern fiddlers"
–folks like me who use knitting patterns as a creative jumping-off place for making their own unique garment.

I love this about knitters, I really do. There's a whack of energy being put into publishing The Best Sweater Pattern and The Hottest Sock pattern each month, and here we are, gleefully using the pattern instead as a woolly GPS: only for when the going gets tricksy, or for when we are utterly lost.

What Changes Am I Making to the Tattoo Tank?

While I am knitting the Tattoo Tank by Marlaina Bird mostly according to the directions, I intend on making a total of four "tweaks" to the pattern:

1. Lace detail at the hem. (See photo!)
    Reason: I want a bit more lace! Also, lace at the hem will balance the lace at the sleeves (see #3).

2. Add a bit of length to the hem.
    Reaon: The hem, with or without the lace, falls at my widest point (hips). This makes me look wider than I am. With the lace, this effect is emphasized. A bit more length will help the wide, swingy hem flow past my hips, giving it more vertical movement and interest.

3. Add sleevettes.
    Reason: My shoulders are pretty, but they are narrow for my size. Short capped sleeves in a lace pattern will help to broaden them visually, balancing my large hip measurement. Making them actual short sleeves instead of just sleeve caps will help to hide my underarms, which I am self-conscious about. (And… Which I have now told thousands of bloggers about. Perfect.)

4. Adjust neck/shoulder shaping.
    Reason: As I said previously, my shoulders are narrow, and I am anticipating having to make the  shoulder "strap" section wider than usual. More width will help the sweater stay on.

I'm doing the rest of the shaping as written; the tattoo on the center back is also staying (of course!).

I wish the top were done now. I have a summer skirt I'd wear it with, and the perfect earrings. However, as I admitted last time, I'm having a bit of a do-over on this little vixen. As I type this, I am just about to do the fourth set of decreases on the way up the body of the tank. At this rate, I might even finish before Labor Day!

A Poll: One Special Skein

All right, while I'm plogging away on all the stockinette in the body, we need something else to talk about. (What do you mean, there's no such word as "plogging"? Sure there is. I just made it up, five minutes ago. Therefore, it's a real word!)

While we wait, let's play "What If":

What if you are a talented, clever, nimble-fingered knitter, and you have in your possession ONE SKEIN, and one skein ONLY, of a very precious yarn–something truly rare and special, like yak/cashmere, or qiviut, or baby camel.

What would you make with that one special skein of yarn?

You can either leave a comment and let me know your answer, or, if you'd like to vote and then see how everyone else voted, there's a poll over on wiseheart knits. I've got a reason for asking; I'll post the reason in an upcoming post.

I hope you really DO have a little skein of something special to knit up!

– Sandi

Sandi Wiseheart
is the founding editor of Knitting Daily. You can find her blogging here on Knitting Daily every Thursday. Want more? Visit Sandi's personal blog, wiseheart knits. Or, if you're on Twitter, you can follow her: sandiwiseheart.


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