Challenges and Rewards in Knitting

It’s officially sweater weather in Colorado. The leaves’ colors are changing and the best part of the year, according to many knitters, is upon us. I’ve been keeping warm by cozying up on the couch with my knitting and catching up on older episodes of Parks and Recreation and The Walking Dead (perfect for right before Halloween). Between political jokes and zombie attacks I’ve managed to complete the body of my first sweater.

A marble effect unexpectedly emerged!      
The Clear Creek Pullover

Something that I love about knitting, and I’m sure many other knitters do as well, is that there is an endless amount to learn. Just in one project there can be a slew of unfamiliar techniques that, while challenging, can bring one’s knitting to the “next level.” And there are countless knitting patterns available in this world, each unique and different in its own respect with so much knowledge locked inside.

The Clear Creek Pullover pattern I’ve been working on is pretty simple and straightforward, yet it has elements with which I was unfamiliar before I started. There are increase and decrease rows featuring the Lifted Increase, the Left of which definitely took a while for my mind to grasp and hands to follow.

At one point, frogging had to happen, which I had never done before either. Challenges like these in knitting bring learning through experience, the result of which is improved skill. When I am finished with this sweater, I will be a better knitter than before! 

The great thing about this pattern is that it’s simple enough for someone who has never knit a full sweater, with plenty of rows of straight knitting (ideal for simultaneous TV-watching), with some interesting increase, decrease, and Elongated Stitch Edging rows to keep things interesting. In other words, it’s a great learning experience. And now to begin tackling these sleeves . . .

How about you? What is a project you have worked on that has challenged and pushed you but has been ultimately rewarding for you as a knitter?

Happy knitting and learning!




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