Celebrate Christmas in July with us!

Knit Project

Jared Flood’s Wanderer Cap is on my Christmas knitting list.

I’ve taken the last couple of Christmases off from gift knitting, but I want to get back to it again, and smart knitters like me and all of you, know that knitting takes time, and holiday knitting needs a plan. My plan includes several patterns from 25 Knitted Accessories.

This book is such a great resource. The collection of accessories includes fingerless mitts, cowls, hats, bags, and scarves, and socks.

I’m going to keep it simple and knit multiple versions of the same quick projects—all hats—so I have a supply of beautiful gifts in plenty of time for the holidays. Melissa LeBarre’s Brattleboro Hat is going to be my go-to for the gals in the family. I’ve knit this hat before, and it’s quick and so darn cute! I gave it to my sister-in-law, so I think I’ll knit her the Sideways Grande Hat by Laura Irwin. I’ve not knit this one, but a friend did, and it’s really flattering.

For the guys it’s going to be the Wanderer Cap by Jared Flood. This hat is a really nice one for men, although it would work for women, too.


Left: Sideways Grand Hat; right: Brattleboro Hat

I actually have yarn picked out and everything. I’m ahead of the game if I can just keep myself on track and start knitting now (or very soon!).

All of us at Interweave know that now’s the time to get started on your holiday knitting, so we’re having a sale in the Knitting Daily Shop to get you started.

I asked some of my colleagues what they would recommended for you, so here goes!

Knit Project

Lisa is snug as a bug in her felted hat

Lisa Shroyer has this advice: “Let’s not forget that knitting gives us functional, practical FOs, especially for those colder months! On a backpacking trip early this spring, I packed a felted, cabled hat and boy was I glad I did. This hat is dense and super-warm, which I needed on those 18-degree nights in my tent—here I am all bundled up before sleep! For some great warm hat options, check out last year’s edition of Interweave Knits Gifts, which, in addition to fun, giftable projects, includes some lined hats, cabled hats, and one super-thick cabled hat with doubled brim that would stand up to any mountain. It really is Christmas in July when you pick up a copy of our holiday magazine.” I love that photo of Lisa! She looks all snugged up.

Now on to Knitscene assistant editor, Louisa Demmitt; I’m sensing a theme here! After going to press on a brand new magazine, Louisa needed to take a quick cat nap. The Cottage House Blanket from Interweave Knits Summer 2015 was the perfect snuggle-under, and would also make a great baby blanket. The yarn is soft and lush, lovely to work with, and the pattern is texturally interesting and fun. This blanket is available as a kit in two beautiful colors, get yours today and make your own gorgeous safety blanket! Sweet Dreams, Louisa.


Louisa napping under the stunning Cottage House Blanket

Knit Project

Amy’s beautiful Cactus Blossom Sweater

Knitscene editor Amy Palmer recommends a little something for yourself! I like how that girl thinks. “When I was pulling together the Knitscene presents Next Step Sweaters eBook, I fell in love all over again with Kate Jackson’s Cactus Blossom Pullover. It’s available as a kit, and you not only get the aforementioned eBook, full of fast and easy sweaters to help you take the next step in sweater knitting, but you also get the yarn to knit this sweater in all the pattern sizes—without too much left over. Now that it’s July and autumn is around the corner (power of positive thinking!), it’s a great time to pick up the Cactus Blossom Sweater Kit and finish it in time for that first, crisp day of fall.”

Kerry Bogert, our book acquisitions editor, is knitting in the July heat in New York City: “Summer weather in New York has been picture perfect this July! So perfect that I’m knitting the Zolena Cowl from Warm Days, Cool Knits with wool, and it isn’t felting! YAY! I just love the projects in this book; Corrina Ferguson knows her warm-weather knits.” I love this book, too. There are some really nice accessory patterns and other gift ideas there.


Left: Kerry’s Zolena Cowl in progress; right: Hannah and her Embellish-Knit

And finally, Interweave Knits assistant editor Hannah Baker is making miles of I-cord with her Embellish-Knit. “One of my favorite products in our store is the Embellish-Knit. It’s an I-cord machine that helps you create yards of I-cord in just minutes, in lieu of slowly knitting them by hand. The projects you can make with all lengths of I-cord are endless; see Knits Summer 2015 for cute headbands and home décor, and the upcoming Knits Gifts 2015 (on newsstands in September) for even more project ideas.” Those headbands are great gifts for the teen girls on your list!

I hope you’ll take a look at our recommendations for you, and start your gift knitting now so you won’t be furiously knitting on Christmas Eve again!

Check out all we have to offer in the Knitting Daily Shop!

Merry Christmas in July!

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