Cast-On & Bind-Off Knitting Infographic

If you’ve been searching for the best cast-on knitting and bind-off knitting guide, then you have to see this FREE, exclusive infographic that contains different types of cast-ons and bind-offs. Choosing the right knitting technique can enhance the success of a project. For example, you might want more flexible cast-on for a pullover sweater, the ability to keep live stitches for later using the crochet cast-on, or a decorative cast-on for a baby blanket. Whatever you’re casting-on or binding-off, there’s a knitting technique for you, and this free infographic on casting-on and bind-off methods will help you on your knitting journey.

The experts at Interweave’s knitting group compiled the following FREE knitting infographic, Knitting Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs Demystified, that showcases a total of eight popular cast-on and bind-off knitting methods that can be used for all types of knitting techniques and projects.

Cast-On Knitting & Bind-Off Knitting Methods You’ll Find:

Knitting Cast-On Methods:

  • Knitted Cast-On: Easy to work as it’s like a regular knit stitch and great for adding stitches to the beginning or middle of a row.
  • Long-Tail Cast-On: Most used cast-on method in knitting with a firm, yet elastic edge.
  • Old Norwegian Cast-On: Makes a nice edge and is a great all-purpose cast-on.
  • Crochet Chain Provisional Cast-On: Used to keep live stitches for later use and is easy to work.

Knitting Bind-Off Methods:

  • Standard Bind-Off: Most used bind-off and works with any knit-purl stitch pattern.
  • I-Cord Bind-Off: Perfect for making a neat finish for pockets, hems, collars, etc. and makes a rounded, elastic edge.
  • Suspended Bind-Off: Great for tight knitters and can be used for an elastic bind-off.
  • Tubular Bind-Off: Great for hats and ribbing as it’s very stretchy.

Grab your FREE copy of Knitting Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs Demystified infographic today, learn new cast-on and bind-off methods, and improve your knitting techniques!

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